Healthy Entertaining Fall 2015

5 Healthy Appetizers

  1. Dip. Presenting guests with veggies and dip as an appetizer is a definite way to win over a crowd. Try Carrot Dip or Cucumber Yogurt Dip.
  2. Stuffed Veggies. Kick up your fall party by serving stuffed fall vegetables. Broiled Tomatoes & Cheese or Celery Stuffed w/Apricot Blue Cheese Spread are sure to become the new party favorites.
  3. Bruschetta. Bread is always a winner with guests, but dress it up with veggies and guests will rave about it. Try Mushroom Bruschetta or Bruschetta w/Roasted Sweet Red Peppers.
  4. Corn Fritters. Warm and delicious! You can’t go wrong with Corn Fritters as a scrumptious appetizer or even as a dinner side.
  5. Soup. Everyone loves a good bowl of soup and it’s an easy appetizer. For a small party serve in soup bowls, for a large party serve smaller portions in mugs. Try Kale & Apple Soup, Governor’s Black Bean Soup, or Sweet Corn Chowder.

5 Healthy Beverages

  1. Juice. Impress your family and guests by making homemade guava juice or orange delight juice. Make if fancy and add a kabob of fresh fruit or add a drink umbrella for fun.
  2. Drink Your Fruit & Veggies. Smoothies are an excellent way to increase fruit and vegetable intake and you can enjoy them any time of day. Try these delicious combinations: Power Gold Smoothie, Dragon Fruit Smoothie, or Avocado Melon Breakfast Smoothie.
  3. Think C. Illness sneaks in during the fall. Keep everybody healthy with a Strawberry Banana Smoothie or an Orange Banana Frosty, both rich in vitamin C.
  4. Tea. Treat your guests to an afternoon tea, but dress it up in modern fashion with fresh fruit. Offer orange and lemon slices, frozen berries (thaw if desired) or even slices of peach.
  5. Flavored Milk. Impress kids and adults with real fruit flavored milk. Combine half a cup of a fruit (fresh or thawed from frozen) and one cup of low-fat milk in a high power blender. Mix until smooth and enjoy.

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