Ways to Add Fruits & Veggies to Your Meals: Fall 2015

5 Ways to Add Fruits & Veggies to Entrées

  1. Apple-Corn Chili. Serving nutrient-dense dishes that are high in fiber will leave your guests feeling full and happy they came over. Offer a green side salad and cornbread to complete the meal. Recipe: Apple-Corn Chili
  2. Roasted Vegetables. Try something different – roasted vegetables. Roasting highlights the flavor of vegetables and it takes minimal prep. Recipes: Roasted Cauliflower w/Paprika | Roasted Brussels Sprouts w/Apples
  3. Quick Cauliflower & Chickpea Curry. Spice up your next party with curry. Serve over rice and everyone will rave about it. Have meat eaters coming over? Add shredded chicken or pork. Recipe: Quick Cauliflower & Chickpea Curry
  4. Casseroles. The easiest way to feed a crowd is to make casseroles. They are cost savvy and reduce how many cooking dishes you will have to wash. Recipes: Roasted Squash & Eggplant Casserole w/Chicken or Cabbage Roll Casserole.
  5. Mushroom Steak Fajitas. Enjoy this dish at any occasion – football parties, pre trick-or-treat meal, game night, or more! Recipe: Mushroom Steak Fajitas

5 Ways to Add Fruits & Veggies to Side Dishes & Desserts

  1. Cheese Please. Turn the strongest veggie haters into fans by simply adding a little cheese. Choose low-fat varieties (mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta, etc.). Try Broccoli & Cheese Please, Cheesy Corn Potatoes, or Confetti Pizza.
  2. Yam Salad. Yams are a perfect fall vegetable to enjoy with any meal. They are incredibly nutritious and people are often surprised that they are sweet. Try making Yam Salad for your next party, it will give the feeling of summer in the midst of fall.
  3. Tarts. An easy and impressive dish to serve company. Tarts can be savory when made with vegetables or sweet when made with fruit. They can be a side dish or a dessert. Try using apples, cranberries, tomatoes, or pears in your next tart.
  4. Calabaza Vegetable Skillet. Cook up this savory side dish for your next gathering or for a yummy family dinner. For a vegetarian option, add white beans and increase portion size to make it a meal.
  5. Layers. An easy and simple dessert: cut up an array of fresh fruit (apples, pineapple, banana’s, pears, strawberries) and place in the bottom of a glass cup. Then, add a few tablespoons of low-fat pudding. Next, add a dollop of whipped topping and then repeat the layers. Voila! An instant trifle that looks beautiful and classy without all the work.

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