Smart Snacking On-The-Go: Best Fruits & Veggies For Outdoor Adventures

Imagine gliding across the water with the sun shining down or maybe you’re heading off into the woods for a long weekend to enjoy the great outdoors. Wherever your summertime outdoor adventures take you and your family, fruits and veggies are the perfect companions to refresh and refuel with.

Keep It Practical

  • To keep fruits and vegetables fresh and delicious, preparation is key. Use airtight containers and cooling methods like ice packs or insulated bags. Pre-cut and portion your snacks to make them easy to grab and go.
  • Outdoor snacks don’t have to be complicated. Try simple recipes like fruit kabobs, lettuce wraps and homemade dips.
  • Pack smart! When packing fruits and veggies on-the-go, layer them with the most delicate items on top to prevent bruising. Mason jars are great for salads and layered snacks.

Boating Bliss

  • Think juicy watermelon slices, crunchy carrot sticks, or refreshing cucumber rounds.
  • Personalize your snacking experience with DIY snack packs. Mix and match your favorite fruits, veggies and dips. This not only keeps things exciting but also caters to individual preferences.
  • Try cutting fruits into fun shapes, making colorful fruit or veggie “fries” with a crinkle cutter or offering produce with yogurt or peanut butter to make healthy snacks more appealing.

Camping Crunch

  • Camping is all about durability and convenience. Non-perishable produce snacks are ideal here. Opt for dried fruits, nuts and sturdy fresh vegetables like bell peppers and cherry tomatoes.
  • Make snack time fun with interactive options like build-your-own tacos or a produce taste test game. These are perfect for group settings and add a layer of enjoyment to your outdoor activities.
  • Keep it classic with build your own foil packets – these could be sweet or savory! Colorful peppers and onions add great flavor to any meat or end the night with strawberries, bananas and pineapple along with some chocolate chips.

Post-Game Refuel

  • After an intense sports practice, consider apple slices with peanut butter, banana chips or a mix of berries. These snacks will help you recover and refuel efficiently.
  • For ultimate convenience, opt for pre-packaged, ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables. These are perfect for eating in the car and ensure you always have a healthy option on hand.
  • Blend up smoothies ahead of time, portion them out and stick them in the freezer. Bring them with you and by the end of the game they’ll be thawed out and ready to drink!

Incorporating fruits and vegetables into your outdoor activities is easy and beneficial. They’re healthy, refreshing and convenient – enhancing any adventure you embark on. So, next time you head outdoors, pack some plant-forward snacks and enjoy the delicious and nutritious benefits they bring.

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