No Time? No Problem. #haveaplant For Your Next Road Trip

Food sets the mood! If you have ever experienced “hangry” you know not to underestimate the positive powers of a nourished belly. Road trips can be exciting, but also long and hectic at times, especially for young passengers. Pack smart snacks for your next trip whether you fly or drive—pack a plant! Stay on track with a healthy snack.

Below is a sampling of some favorite road-ready, plant-based snacks:

Goods to Go
Baked goods are easy to love, and travel with too. Often requiring no refrigeration, packable by serving size, and full of goodness. Sneak some fruits and veggies into muffins, granola bars, scones, and sweet breads for a delicious on-the-go snack. We love Avocado Blueberry Muffins, Banana Oatmeal Muffins, Blackberry Lemon Scones, Squash Nut Sweet Bread, and Orange Maple Granola too. Bake up something good for your next adventure!

Wrapped and Ready
Wraps are great for enjoying sandwich spreads and toppings in a convenient, less-mess way. If a cooler is on-board, sandwich wraps can be filled with produce and packed for road meals. From simple peanut butter and jelly (pro tip: try replacing jelly with fresh berries!) to hummus and salad wraps, eating your fruits and veggies is made easy. Try Beet Hummus, Asian Mango Chicken Wrap, and Red Pepper and Spinach Wraps for a quick meal on wheels.

Dry and On The Fly
No cooler, no utensils, no worries! Dried fruits, veggies, and nut snacks are some of the most convenient plant-based snacks on the run. You may even find some of these grab-n-go options at gas stations and mini-marts while traveling.  Fruit leathers, veggie chips, and trail mix are some family-favorites. Try Garlic-Lime Cocktail Peanuts for a refreshing new nut option.

A Jar for the Car
We love the idea of packing salads, salsa cups, veggie dippers, and smoothies in traditional canning jars for super snacking. The best part, get the right jar and they fit in cup holders! If you prefer plastic to glass use freezer-safe plastic jars now available with secure screw-tops. You will need to pack a cooler for some of these, but we think it’s worth it. Check out these totally jar-able recipes, Celery Stick Hummus Jars, Creamy Peanut Butter Mousse with Apples, Quinoa Salad with Corn and Peas, Nicoise Salad, Power Gold Smoothie, and 7-Layer Mediterranean Dip.

Durable and Delicious
When you are lacking prep time, reach for durable whole fruits and veggies! Fill your snack tote with snack-able apples, oranges, sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, and other fresh package-free produce picks.

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