Top 10 Ways To Feature Fruits & Veggies At Your Next Picnic

Warm weather inspires outdoor cookouts and picnics! Don’t miss the opportunity to pack more produce into your next picnic menu.

Top 10 Ways to Feature Fruits & Veggies at Your Next Picnic

10. Burger Toppings. Top grilled burgers with leafy romaine, ripe tomato slices, onions and creamy avocado wedges.

9. Grilled Portabellas. Grill portabella mushrooms and top with sliced roasted red peppers and fresh spinach leaves.

8. Side Dishes. Grill great side dishes like corn on the cob, sliced zucchini, yellow squash or russet potatoes.

7. Veggie Tray. Don’t forget the veggie tray! In place of sour cream-based dips, try serving chick pea-based hummus or an avocado & white bean dip instead.

6. Tangy Salads. Skip traditional creamy macaroni and potato salads and substitute broccoli/cauliflower salad or green and purple cabbage dressed with a tangy sweet and sour vinaigrette or a Southwest Sweet Potato Salad (below) instead.

5. Fruit Salads. Make a seasonal fruit salad of mixed melons, citrus wedges, bananas and grapes and serve in a hollowed out watermelon “bowl.”

4. Fruit & Dip. Serve bite-sized fruit like pineapple chunks, grapes or strawberries with simple dips like vanilla yogurt or light cream cheese whipped together with marshmallow crème.

3. Fruit Kabobs. Assemble colorful fruit kabobs for kids and adults alike.

2. Dessert. Serve angel food cake topped with strawberries marinated in a high quality balsamic vinegar or try grilled, caramelized peach or nectarine slices.

1. Sorbet. Keep guests cool with a refreshing fruit-based sorbet featuring lemons, blueberries, mangoes or any of your favorite fruits.

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