3 Versatile & Nutritious Holiday Favorites

This holiday rainbow of healthy choices is all orange, with flavors more rich than you can imagine…until you taste them!

This everyday favorite is a winner for versatility, seasonality and affordability. Oranges deliver moderate calories with loads of vitamin C and fiber. For a lunch or dinner party, slice oranges into rounds and add to a dark green salad of spinach, arugula or Romaine then dress with vinaigrette. For a potluck gathering, bring along a crate of clementines (a close cousin to the orange) for a seedless, sweet flavor that appeals to kids of all ages.

Another everyday favorite can be reinvented during your holiday feast. Start by buying the long, loose carrots for great flavor, economy and vitamin A. Wash, peel and shred the carrots into a big bowl and add a handful of chopped fresh parsley. Then make a tangy dressing out of fresh lime juice, olive oil, red wine vinegar, spicy prepared mustard and pepper. Whisk together, mix into the carrots and enjoy a tasty zing on your taste buds.

Everyone’s holidays are more delicious and nutritious with pumpkin. Bite-size pieces of a 4-6” pie pumpkin can be roasted in a 425° F oven with chunks of onion and garlic cloves after a quick drizzle of oil. Seeds from the pumpkin can also be roasted for an earthy-nutty flavor and delightfully crunchy power snack. On a special holiday morning, treat the family right by adding a scoop of solid-pack, canned pumpkin to your favorite pancake or waffle batter. It’s a great way to start the day.

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