Every Time You Eat, Have A Plant® For Your Health

  • Creating new habits is the ultimate way to make eating more fruits and veggies easy.
  • Repeated exposure — trying something again and again — can make fruits and veggies tastier over time.
  • When it comes to building new habits, think progress over perfection. All attempts, not just successful ones, can help.
  • Embracing all forms of fruits and vegetables — fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice — can make eating more fruits and veggies easier.
  • Successful habits are highly personal — they vary among individuals, as well as between and among fruits and vegetables.
  • Build new habits upon existing routines to make it easier. For example, if you already eat tacos every Tuesday, how can you add more fruits and veggies?

Every Time You Eat, Have A Plant® For Your Mood

  • Mental health is just as important as physical health. Eating delicious fruits and veggies can boost your health AND your mood!
  • There is joy in the sweet-tasting eating experience of fruit, and smart satisfaction associated with the success of preparing vegetables.
  • Eating more fruits and vegetables can help you have a more positive outlook on life and feel confident and proud that you are making the best food decisions.
  • There’s lots of science behind it all, and it boils down to this: if you’re human, your body and mind benefit from eating fruits and vegetables, resulting in better health and a better mood.

Every Time You Eat, Have A Plant® For Your Enjoyment

  • If you’re trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, focus on flavor! If something is delicious you’re going to want to eat it again.
  • Use umami-rich ingredients such as mushrooms, tomato paste, Parmesan cheese or soy sauce to boost savory flavors in fruits and veggies.
  • Use aromatic ingredients such as garlic, onion, herbs and spices to boost flavor perception of fruits and veggies.
  • Fruits and vegetables are packed with a variety of flavors and textures that can make meal and snack time more enjoyable.
  • Explore new flavor pairings by combining fruits and vegetables with other foods, like lean protein, whole grains or low fat/fat free dairy.
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