veggie fruit parfait
Savor the summer with this mouth-watering parfait featuring a happy balance of carrots, yogurt & blueberries for a calm yet sunny flavor.


  1. Make carrot “sauce”: Place the Raw carrots and ⅓ of the Fat-free Greek Yogurt in a food processor or a blender, pulse it until you get a uniform color (light orange).
  2. Assemble: Use a clear glass and start layering: add one-half of the yogurt, add a few tablespoons of carrot sauce. Add the other half of the yogurt on top.
  3. Sprinkle some fresh Blueberries on the top. The Veggie-Fruit Parfait are ready! Serve cold or frozen!

Note : You may choose other fruits of your choices in the place of the berries. You can also use any other dairy product or dairy alternative product in place of the yogurt such as soy milk or coconut yogurt you want more plants in your diet. You can also top off with granola or graham crackers, if that’s your thing.

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