Healthy Holiday Entertaining

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5 Healthy Appetizers

  1. Fruit and Cheese Platter. Use different winter fruits and mix with hard cheese cubes to layer into a holiday tree shape on a platter. Add sprigs of rosemary to decorate the platter.
  2. Dip Cups. Use clear beverage cups to serve individual dips and veggies. No more worries about double dippers and you can offer different types of dips without running out of serving bowls. Try Creamy Mexican Salsa Dip or Cheddar & Parmesan Pear Dip at your next party.
  3. Spinach Roll Ups. Use spinach tortillas to add a little green to your party tray. Spread low-fat cream cheese on tortillas, add low-sodium ham or turkey luncheon meat and spread with fresh veggies (cucumbers, sliced peppers, spinach) and roll up. Slice each tortilla roll into 2” pieces and lay on a platter to form different holiday shapes (tree, ornament, or wreath).
  4. Green, Red, and White Skewers. Skew cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, or green peppers and add chunks of low-fat mozzarella for an easy, fun holiday appetizer.
  5. Spice it Up. Kick up party favorites with a little chili powder or jalapenos. Try spicing up our Ten Minute Cranberry Sauce or Cranberry Chutney and then pouring some over a block of low-fat cream cheese. Serve with whole-grain crackers for an easy appetizer.

5 Healthy Beverages

  1. Green Smoothie. Whip up smoothies to impress guests who are staying with you or just dropping by to share holiday cheer. Try using fruits and veggies that will make red or green smoothies. Recipes Avocado Melon Breakfast Smoothie | Cran-licious Smoothie
  2. Fruity Ice Cubes. Freeze combinations of fruit in water for attractive ice cubes at your next party. Not only will your guests be impressed, but they will also be getting a little extra dose of nutrition with every sip.
  3. Light Spirits. Ease up on how many calories you might be drinking by only using a small amount of alcohol and adding 100% fruit juice and carbonated water to your next after hour’s beverage.
  4. Citrus Punch. Make yummy citrus punch to share at your next get together. Add fruity ice cubes (above) to add a little more holiday charm.
  5. Fruit-Infused Hot Chocolate. Win over kids of all ages by adding fruit to hot chocolate. Quickly blend a banana, raspberries, orange zest or whatever fruit floats your boat into the hot chocolate using a blender and everyone will rave about the final product.

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