1Is 5 a day still the recommendation?

2What is 5 a day?

3What is one serving of a fruit or a vegetable?

4Why are cucumbers, pickles, and tomatoes called veggies
when they are really fruits?

5What can adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet do to help you?

6Which fruits and vegetables are phytonutrient-rich?

7What do antioxidants do for us?

8Can a person eat too much fruit?

9Which fruits and vegetables are "in season" during summer?

10How long do the nutrients stay "good" in fruit and vegetables?

11Does the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables depend on how ripe they are?

12How do I properly care for my fruits and veggies to prolong
their nutrition and life?

13How do I store loose-leaf salad mixes so that they stay fresh without
getting all slimy in the plastic bag.

14Do canned vegetables have all the nutrients of fresh or frozen?

15How can you tell if a fruit or vegetable is ripe or good for buying?

16I am trying to lose weight by taking in fewer calories than I need,
but the scale is not moving. What should I do?

17My husband is a diabetic and loves eating fruit. Is this o.k.?

18What fruits and veggies are good for diabetic to eat?

19Is it a good idea to "sneak" pureed veggies into kids meals – is it as nutritious?

20How can we teach kids how important fruits and veggies are?

21What fruits and veggies contain very little or NO POTASSIUM.

22Can you tell me what fruit is high in fiber?

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