FAQ#20: Ask The Expert

Ask The Expert

How can we teach kids how important fruits and veggies are?

Getting kids to eat fruits and vegetables can sometimes be a challenge. To begin, try to make the experience of trying a fruit or vegetable positive and fun. If a child senses any excess anxiety on your part, s/he may dig his heels in. Start with a small bite on the plate with a favorite food, and encourage taking a taste. Set a good example – if your kids see that the rest of the family (especially parents) are eating vegetables, they may be more likely to eat them as well. Take them along on your next trip to the grocery store and have them pick one vegetable they would like to try. Involving them in the preparation of vegetables also may get them interested. It could be as simple as washing or chopping something or as complex as trying a new recipe. Also, don’t forget that sometimes it takes 5-10 trials before your child learns to like something… encourage them to continually taste things because "taste buds have matured" and now they might like them. See what other mothers have said about their similar challenges.

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