Low-Fat & Low-Calorie Dishes

5 Low-Fat/Low-Calorie Entrées & Side Dishes

  1. Salad. Serving nutrient-dense side and entrée salads that are high in fiber will leave your guests feeling full. Recipes: Sweet Cherry & Couscous Salad, Spinach, Strawberry & Pecan Salad and Strawberry Sundae Salad
  2. Roasted Salmon w/Peach Tomato Salsa. A light dish that will satisfy the heartiest of appetites. On the table in less than 30 minutes makes Roasted Salmon w/Peach Tomato Salsa a perfect summer dish for any occasion.
  3. Tomatoes. Visit a Farmer’s Market this summer and indulge in the different types of tomatoes available. Try them out in Grilled Eggplant & Tomato Sandwiches, Mozzarella Basil Chicken w/Roasted Grape Tomatoes, or Easy Greek Salad.
  4. Curried Shrimp in Carrot Nest. An exotic sounding dish that is easy to make and leaves room for other tasty treats. Try serving Curried Shrimp in Carrot Nest with Indian Mango Lassi for a festive dinner.
  5. Burgers. Everyone loves a good burger, but not all the guilt. Try a veggie burger, bean burger or add sautéed veggies to the top of your favorite meat burger to add flavor. Recipe: Turkey Veggie Burger or Healthy Burger.

5 Low-Fat/Low-Calorie Desserts

  1. Pineapple. The natural sweetness of pineapple makes it an easy, healthy dessert that will make the toughest critic a pineapple lover. Try pineapple in Pineapple Tidbits, Blueberry-Pineapple Parfaits, or Fruit Skewers w/Yogurt Dip.
  2. Fun in the Sun Banana Split. Guests will love how light this dessert is and you will love how easy it is! Recipe: Fun in the Sun Banana Split.
  3. Watermelon. Watermelon is a great summer fruit because it is readily available and can easily feed a crowd. Enjoy Hot & Sweet Watermelon or ‘No Guilt’ Watermelon Cake.
  4. Sunshine Salad. End your party or family dinner with a little bit of sunshine! Recipe: Sunshine Salad.
  5. Fresh Fruit. The natural sugar in fruits makes for a perfect summer dessert. Serve a fruit and cheese platter with a dessert wine or top frozen yogurt with a small amount of fruit. Yum!

5 Low-Fat/Low-Calorie Breakfast Ideas

  1. Blueberries. Berries are full of fiber and are a great addition to oatmeal, yogurt, granola, and more! Try blueberries in Purple Party Parfait, Sweet Blueberry Quesadilla, and Blueberry-Pineapple Parfaits for a filling breakfast.
  2. Yogurt. An easy way to start the day. Yogurt can be mixed with fruit, blended into a smoothie, or topped with granola for quick breakfasts. Recipe: Banana Split Oatmeal.
  3. Rise & Shine Cobbler. Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring! Try serving Rise & Shine Cobbler any time of day.
  4. Cereal. Instead of a taco bar, have a cereal bar. Dress the table with a variety of whole-grain cereals and fresh fruit for an easy, crowd pleasing breakfast.
  5. Omelet. Start everyone’s morning out with a hearty breakfast that will satisfy even the biggest appetite. Serve with freshly squeezed juice and toast. Recipe: Tomato and Garlic Omelet or Broccoli Omelet.

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