8 Great Natural Fruit & Veggie Aphrodisiacs

Eating produce comes with perks beyond nutrition — did you know some fruits and veggies are considered a natural aphrodisiac?!

Aphrodisiac foods get you in the mood, they’re known to increase sex drive, stamina and sensation. Yep, we’re talking about cucumbers, eggplants, and peaches along with several other fruits and vegetables.

Boost your health and libido with these 8 pleasing produce picks:

Cucumbers are loaded with vitamin C and manganese which both play a role in supporting sexual health, elevating energy and increasing libido. Vitamin C specifically improves blood flow which can help erectile function. Cucumbers are also known for their undeniably erotic shape.

Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple, triggers testosterone production which can elevate a man’s sex drive. High levels of vitamin C and thiamine in pineapple provide a surge of energy to the body too, thus increasing sexual stamina.

Pumped up with vitamin A and vitamin C, peaches provide the necessary energy to sustain sexual activity. Vitamin C is also known to increase sperm count. Some find a peach’s suggestive shape pretty sensual too.

Aside from being a popular innuendo emoji, eggplants are loaded with potassium, vitamin B6, and manganese which are all considered essential to sexual health. Vitamin B6 helps regulate sex hormone levels providing a performance boost.

Citrulline, an amino acid in juicy sweet watermelon, relaxes and dilates blood vessels which increases blood flow and helps stimulate sexual arousal — similar to male enhancement drugs.

Nitric oxide found in arugula increases blood flow, which can lead to elevated sexual desire. Plus eating this lustful leafy green just feels plain sexy!

If you have heard anything about pomegranates, you probably know they are packed with antioxidants. Which is a good thing in life and in the bedroom! Antioxidants help you feel good and look good by decreasing inflammation—also leading to increased blood flow throughout the body, including erogenous zones.

You may be wondering how this can be, garlic a turn-on? Allicin, a compound in garlic, can actually increase libido. However garlic breath can kill the mood, so be sure to pop a mint after eating garlicky foods.

Bottom line, fruits and veggies are good for more than a midnight snack — they can help you in the sack! Eat Sexy. Eat Produce. Eat Food Rooted in a Better Mood. #lifewins #haveaplant

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