Quick & Convenient 2-Ingredient Dinner Ideas

What’s for dinner? A quick and convenient 2-ingredient dinner can be an easy solution to take the stress out of week-night meal preparation! Here are three dinner ideas that are made from a convenience item plus a produce item.

Broc-Broc Soup: There is one thing that is always missing from broccoli soup, more broccoli!  Don’t get me wrong, I love broccoli soup, but to make it more filling and add more nutrition, it can be helpful to add a bag of steamed broccoli to the soup.  Adding broccoli can help make the meal volume bigger meal and increase the vitamins and nutrition of the soup.

Here Are The Ingredients:

#1 Pre-made broccoli and cheese soup – This ingredient can usually be found in the grocery store refrigerated deli section. You might even find this on the hot steam table line or salad bar at the grocery store.  Here is a great recipe if you want to make a homemade broccoli and cheese soup.

#2 Steam in the bag broccoli florets – This ingredient can be found in the fresh produce section of the store. I prefer the fresh steam in the bag for this recipe versus the frozen. However, the frozen bag can work if you don’t have access to the fresh.  There is also the option of grabbing fresh broccoli, washing, and chopping it to add to the soup. You would just need to plan for it to cook a little longer.

How to make it?  Follow the heating directions for the pre-made soup.  Heating the soup in the pot will make a quick and convenient 2 ingredient dinner.  Add the broccoli to the soup mixture. If there is not enough soup to the broccoli ratio, a little whole milk and cheese can be added as desired to stretch the soup. Simmer the soup for 15 minutes, then turn the fire off and let stand for 10 minutes. Serve with crackers or a slice of whole wheat toast.

Asparagus Cheese Pizza: Any vegetable addition to a pizza can give the pizza a boost of nutrition and bright flavor. Asparagus is a unique pizza ingredient that can boost the fiber content of the pizza.

Here Are The Ingredients:

#1 A bunch of fresh asparagus – wash and chop the asparagus or leave in whole pieces and cut when you slice the cooked pizza. Here are more ways to enjoy asparagus.

#2 A frozen cheese pizza or frozen veggie cheese pizza – You can customize what kind of crust and pre-topped ingredients that you like.

How to Make it?

Wash and cut asparagus to pieces as desired. Add to the frozen pizza and cook the pizza as directed on the package.

Power Bowl

This power bowl is a protein, veggie, and whole grain bowl which is a great combination. Here are more ideas for power bowls.

Here Are The Ingredients:

#1 Steam in the bag grains and veggies – go to the frozen department at the grocery store to look for a frozen grain and veggie bag. An example would be quinoa or brown rice with corn and black beans.

#2 Frozen grilled chicken strips– The pre-cooked strips make it easy to heat and serve.

How to Make It?

Follow heating directions for the grains and veggies and the grilled chicken strips. Heat each as directed then combine after they are heated separately. You can also add some kale or spinach to the bowl for a pop of color, flavor, and nutrition.

There are some great options for ‘fast food’ at the grocery store. When you think of quick and convenient, think of your favorite go-to item from the grocery store, and then think about what vegetables you can add to that item. It may be vegetables from the fresh, canned, or frozen department.

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