Try it—You’ll Like it!

How samples make the sale—at home!
Insider's Viewpoint: Maggie Grffin, Brookshire Grocery

When you go to the grocery store, do you make a bee line for the sample stations? It’s such a treat to nibble on something yummy—or try something new. And we all know that grocers do this for a reason. They know that if you try something new, you’re likely to buy more and take it home.

So why not try the same approach at home? Whether it is children or grownups, we all like to try special samples. And since part of the appeal is in the packaging, make sure you do it up right!

Everyone will love a platter of sliced bell peppers, broccoli crowns and carrots with ranch dip, but your challenge is to get folks to try something new. Sampling is the perfect way. How about snow peas or asparagus spears? Try salad on a skewer: an unusual lettuce like frisee or endive, a yellow grape tomato and a cube of jicama? Maybe mango cubes with honey dew melon and a blackberry, or what about steamed Brussels sprouts with salsa dip?

The big appeal of sampling new foods is that you only have to try one bite. That’s not threatening—because anyone can eat a single bite. Then, if you like it, you can go back for more. Opening the door to new tastes is a great way for your family—or your co-workers—to increase their enjoyment of fruits and vegetables…one bite at a time.

Maggie Griffin, MSN
Corporate Nutritionist
Brookshire Grocery



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