Insider’s Viewpoint: Guide Yourself Through Summer Season Fruits and Veggies!

Many grocery stores have dietitian-led, fun tours to help you learn about good nutrition as you shop. I know it can be tough to get away from work or other responsibilities to join these group programs, so here is a quick tour (featuring fruits and vegetables) that you can take on your own. Better yet, bring along your kids, a friend, or your partner – more learning and fun for all!

Explore all the areas of the store that carry fruits and veggies. Check the store ad to see what’s on sale and add a favorite or something new to your cart.

Join the Tour and Walk This Way …

Fresh Produce Aisle > Locally-Grown, Seasonal Feature Items. Scan the sales floor for a ‘wow’ summer fruit and a ‘wow’ summer vegetable display. Examples: cantaloupe, watermelon, peaches or green beans.

Fresh Produce Aisle > Vibrant Colors, Flavors and Textures. Slowly spin around 360° and look for 2 new items you’d like to try. Examples: avocado, eggplant or dark sweet cherries.

Fresh Produce Aisle > Healthy Snacking. Walk to 3 specific items that you think make tasty snacks, either raw or cooked. Examples: mini sweet peppers, cucumbers or a plum.

Dried Fruit Aisle > Convenience and Pack-ability. Consider something for an upcoming family outing to the zoo, park or beach. Examples: dried apricots, golden raisins or no sugar added applesauce cups.

Frozen Fruit & Veggies Aisle > Last-Minute Meals. Don’t forget to keep at least one frozen fruit and one frozen veggie in your home freezer at all times for a quick and easy meal. Examples: sugar snap peas, cut corn or mixed berries.

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