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Nutrient Content Claims
Fat free, Saturated fat free, Cholesterol free, Sodium free, Good source of copper 

Health Claims 

Dietary Fat & Cancer: Development of cancer depends on many factors. A diet low in total fat may reduce the risk of some cancers. Dried apricots are fat free.

Sodium & Hypertension:

  • Diets low in sodium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure, a disease associated with many factors. Dried apricots are sodium free. 
  • Diets low in sodium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Dried apricots are sodium free. 
  • Dried apricots, as part of a low sodium diet, may reduce the risk of high blood pressure. 


Store in airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 months. Abide by expiration date on pre-packaged varieties.


Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Dried Apricots 

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