Low-Fat & Low-Calorie Dishes: Holidays 2015

5 Low-Fat/Low-Calorie Entrées & Side Dishes

  1. Lentil Cakes. Serving nutrient-dense dishes that are high in fiber will leave your guests feeling full. Lentil Cakes also provides a vegetarian option for guests.
  2. Apples. What better way to celebrate the holidays than to showcase apples, a staple fruit of the United States. Recipes: Apple-Stuffed Acorn Squash, Cabbage Fruit Salad, Apple-Cranberry Salad Toss, Creamy Squash Soup w/Shredded Apples
  3. Potatoes. Kick potatoes up a notch this holiday. Try Sweet Potatoes w/Maple Syrup, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Splendidly Roasted Yams, or Mashed Sweet Potatoes & Turnips.
  4. Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie. A great all-in-one dish that is chocked full of veggies and it will save guests room on their plate for other good eats. Recipe: Vegetarian Shepherds Pie
  5. Zucchini w/Walnuts. A delicious side dish that will please everyone. Serve leftovers alongside scrambled eggs for breakfast. Recipe: Zucchini w/Walnuts.

5 Low-Fat/Low-Calorie Desserts

  1. Quick & Easy Microwave Apples. A holiday dessert sure to please. Make ahead and keep warm in the oven.
  2. Crisps. Crisps are relatively easy to make and will feed a large number of people. Serve crisps with low-fat ice cream or frozen yogurt. Recipes: Apple Pistachio Crisp | Rhubarb Crisp.
  3. Pumpkin. Indulge in the flavor of the season. Highlight pumpkin during the holidays in bread, soup, cheesecake, pie, smoothies, or anything your heart desires. Use pumpkin to cut the fat in baked goods as well. Substitute fat (oil or butter) for pureed pumpkin cup for cup.
  4. Fruit. Serve up fruit for dessert. To simplify, have guests bring cut up fruit to share. Offer fruit plain or with whip cream or ice cream. Or have little bowls of melted chocolate for dipping fruit.
  5. Brownies. Please all ages with yummy brownies for dessert. Cut the fat by mixing in mashed bananas or applesauce. Try using mashed red bananas to add a raspberry like flavor to brownies. To cut fat: Substitute fat with fruit cup for cup.

5 Low-Fat/Low-Calorie Breakfast Ideas

  1. Squash. Nothing says fall better than squash. Whip up a batch of squash pancakes for your morning guests or family. Recipe: Sweet Potato Squash Pancakes
  2. Omelets. Use up leftover veggies in omelets. The versatility of omelets allows you to create any flavor you desire. Try Broccoli Omelet or Red and Yellow Bell Pepper Omelet to fill up your guests.
  3. Waffles. Cold days call for warm, hearty breakfasts. Make your guests Perfectly Peachy Waffles for breakfast. If you have time, make your waffles from scratch.
  4. Parfaits. Dessert for breakfast is absolutely healthy if you serve one of these scrumptious parfaits. Recipes: Purple Party Parfait or Tropical Sunrise Parfait
  5. Toast. Start everyone’s morning off right with a wholesome piece of toast. Top whole grain toast with cream cheese and fruit or peanut butter and fruit. Serve with a glass of milk.

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