Low-Fat & Low-Calorie Dishes: Summer 2015

5 Low-Fat/Low-Calorie Entrées & Side Dishes

  1. Grilled Vegetables. A great side to any entrée and a good way to use up extra vegetables from the garden. Recipe: Low-Salt Grilled Vegetables
  2. Herbed Baby Potatoes. Simple enough to complement an easy dinner and tasty enough to share at a party. Recipe: Herbed Baby Potatoes
  3. Thai Shrimp Mango Wrap. An easy, flavorful dish for a weeknight meal or fancy enough for a luncheon. Recipe: Thai Shrimp Mango Wrap
  4. Lemon Carrots. Highlighting the natural sweetness of carrots with lemon takes them to a whole new level. This recipe is bound to be a new family favorite. Recipe: Lemon Carrots
  5. Seared Cod w/Pineapple Slaw. Using pineapple slaw on top of the cod adds a lovely punch of color and will leave your taste buds wanting more. Recipe: Seared Cod w/Pineapple Slaw

5 Low-Fat/Low-Calorie Desserts

  1. Kiwifruit Cobbler. A light dessert that goes great with any meal. Top with fresh berries to gain an additional serving of fruit. Recipe: Kiwifruit Cobbler
  2. Peaches. A treat for everyone. Grilling brings out the sweetness in peaches and makes them melt in your mouth. Recipe: Grilled Peaches
  3. Stuffed Berries. Fill or stuff strawberries and/or raspberries with low-fat cream cheese, light whip cream or even chocolate chips for a colorful dessert.
  4. Hot & Sweet Watermelon. Can you say “YUMMY?” This dish is a tantalizing, guiltless treat for any day of the week. Recipe: Hot & Sweet Watermelon
  5. Fruit Pops. Kids of all ages will love fresh fruit pops. Add any combination of fruits to a blender. Mix until smooth, add chunks of diced fruit and then pour into molds. Freeze until hard enough to maintain shape.

5 Low-Fat/Low-Calorie Beverages

  1. Tropical Smoothie. Bring the tropics into your home with this great smoothie that makes a delicious breakfast or snack. Recipe: Tropical Smoothie
  2. Island Shake. Whip up this healthy fruit shake and enjoy for dessert on a hot summer night. Recipe: Island Shake
  3. Melon Cooler. Enjoy this refreshing drink with any meal or serve at a friendly get-together. Recipe: Melon Cooler
  4. Summer Breeze Smoothie. Impress your guests or family with this easy to make smoothie that is pretty tasty! Recipe: Summer Breeze Smoothie
  5. Jicama Piña Breeze. Perfect for any party or just for hanging out. Recipe: Jicama Piña Breeze

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