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5 Healthy Appetizers

  1. Salsa & Gazpacho. Instead of pouring it out of a can, impress your guests with something fresh and full of nutrients on your appetizer table this summer. Try our Farmer’s Market Gazpacho, or search our recipe database for one of our 21 Salsa Recipes—most are ready in less than 15 minutes!
  2. Mexican-Themed Finger Foods. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Mexican-inspired vegetable appetizers like our Creamy Mexican Salsa Dip or our Mexican Salad Bowl.
  3. Party Tray. Have a party tray of different vegetable choices such as carrots, celery, broccoli and cauliflower, and dip them in a healthy vegetable dip with non-fat sour cream. Recipe: Carrot Tuna Vegetable Dip
  4. Mini Lean Sandwiches. Quarter sandwiches of lean-cut meat or tuna, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.
  5. Broccoli Salad. Make your party colorful with a Broccoli Mandarin Orange Salad that’s full of crunch and taste!

5 Healthy Beverages

  1. Fruit Cooler. Let the kids help with a quick cooler that’s ready in less than 10 minutes! See our Peach Cooler and Cantaloupe Cooler recipes!
  2. Punch. Include a punch consisting of 100% fruit juice and frozen fruit for more texture, flavor and nutrition!
  3. Fruity Ice Tea. Add frozen fruit to unsweetened tea to keep it cold and add color and nutrition.
  4. Fizz. Combine seltzer water or sparkling water with any 100% juice concentrate. Kids love these and you can even have them create their own. Recipe: Grapefruit Fizz
  5. Lemonade. Try your hand at homemade lemonade—with real fruit. Be creative and try adding strawberries, mangos, limes, and other citrus flavors.

5 Healthy Favors & Gifts

  1. Almond & Apricot Biscotti. Want to try your hand at biscotti? Add some almonds and apricots for extra nutrients! Use whole wheat flour, low-fat milk, egg whites, and canola oil for a healthy alternative!
  2. Fruit Baskets. Gather a bunch of little baskets, cut up fruit of your choice (use cookie cutters to make it fancy), and place on skewers for a wonderful gift!
  3. Cinnamon Apple Chips. These tasty chips only require 2 apples, 100% apple juice and cinnamon sticks! Recipe: Cinnamon Apple Chips
  4. Fruity Trail Mix. Everyone loves trail mix because it’s full of vitamins and minerals plus … it’s delicious! Try mixing heart-healthy nuts like almonds, walnuts, pistachios and pecans with dried fruit and dark chocolate. Recipe: Fruity Trail Mix.
  5. Tropical Sunrise Parfait. Leave your guests with a delicious and comforting dessert to take home and save for later! Recipe: Cran-licious Smoothie

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