In a world filled with instant gratification some experiences leave more of a lasting impact than others. Think about it: when something makes you feel good, you naturally crave more of it. Similarly, when something tastes good, you find yourself longing for another bite. Let’s use these positive moments to create sustainable fruit and veggie habits that will keep you feeling happy, healthy and fulfilled.

What Are Sustainable Habits?

Sustainable habits means making small changes for big impacts. You don’t need a major overhaul; consistency is key. By starting slowly and staying steady, you’re more likely to stick to your habits. Plus, it’s not just about you – it’s also about our planet. Making mindful choices benefits both our well-being and the environment.

How To Build Sustainable Habits

Our Hacks To Habits research provided an inside look at how to actually build a sustainable habit.


Remember: habits are the actions, not the tasks themselves. To make a habit stick, repetition is crucial. When a habit is easy and rewarding, you’re more inclined to keep it up. That’s where hacks come in handy, making things even simpler.

Shop Smarter, Not Harder

  • Embrace What’s In Season In Spring: Seasonal produce offers peak flavor and nutritional value. By aligning shopping lists seasonally, you support local farmers and reduce the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transport.
  • Smart Selection: Learn the signs of ripeness and freshness for various produce.
  • Shop Sustainably: Lean into all forms of produce. Keep a combination of fresh, frozen, canned, dried fruits and vegetables and 100% juice on hand for meals and snacks. Plan meals and snacks that include fruits and vegetables before shopping, buying only what you need.

Simple Swaps For Sustainability

  • Lean Into Plant-Forward: Plan one vegetarian or plant-forward meal each week. Here are some recipe ideas to get you started.
  • Reduce Food Waste: Get creative with leftovers, transforming extra ingredients into delicious meals or snacks to minimize waste.
  • Batch Cook & Freeze: Simplify your routine and cut down on takeout orders by batch cooking meals and storing in the freezer. On busy weeks you have a nutritious meal already made for you, just heat and eat!

Make Healthy Choices Easy

  • Keep The Comfort Foods: No need to take away from the recipes your family already enjoys, just add some produce to them! Add fruits and vegetables to favorite dishes, like tacos, pizza, pasta, etc. Include pureed or finely grated vegetables to spaghetti sauce, muffins, casseroles, etc.
  • Play Favorites: Top favorite foods (such as cereal or yogurt) with fruits or add vegetables to sandwiches and burgers.
  • On-the-Go Snacks: Clean and cut up fruits and vegetables after getting them home for future meals and snacks. Put the cut-up fruits and vegetables at eye level in the refrigerator and/or put the fruit on your counter where it’s easy to see and grab.

In the quest for a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, every choice we make matters. By embracing sustainable habits and incorporating more fruits and vegetables into our diets, we not only nourish our bodies but also contribute to a brighter, more vibrant future. Start today, one bite at a time, and build a healthier tomorrow.

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