About The Buzz: You Should Eat Fruit on An Empty Stomach?

TheBUZZ You should eat fruit on an empty stomach?
Eating fruit on an empty stomach provides your body with the best concentration of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds.


A recent consumer asked, “I am confused with people and books that recommend eating fruits only on an empty stomach and not with a meal. Is there any scientific study that supports that, or proves that there is no harm in combining?”

This rumor seems based on traditional Indian diet principals and has made its way into American culture through various diet fads that advocate the non-mixing of foods out of concern about the breakdown of mixed foods in the stomach.

According to these fad diets, the benefits from eating fruits on an empty stomach include:

    • Detoxification
    • Provides Energy
    • Weight Loss
    • Antioxidants
    • Fiber
    • Vitamins and Minerals

The theory behind this is that when the fruit comes into contact with the food in your stomach and digestive juices, the entire mass of food begins to spoil. In reality, fruits offer all of the qualities listed above whether they are eaten alone or as part of a meal!


The one thing all of these proposed diets do not take into account is the natural processes of your body. Your stomach, intestines, liver and kidneys naturally remove toxins and other harmful substances in the body and breakdown all foods to allow your body to utilize the nutrients provided by the food. In fact, some vitamins and minerals are actually absorbed better when in the presence of other foods (e.g. iron is absorbed best when consumed with vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables).

As for detoxifying your body … fruits and vegetables, along with the kidneys, promote the removal of toxins as well. These toxins are actually known as free radicals, which are oxidized particles that can damage your tissues and cell walls. This is why antioxidants (provided by fruits and veggies) are so important! Antioxidants attach to these free radicals and remove them from the body.


The most important thing is that you eat your fruits and veggies! No matter how you prepare them, or what form—fresh, frozen, canned, dried, or 100% juice—you prefer, consuming fruits and vegetables is much more beneficial to you than not consuming them at all!

If weight loss is your goal … make it easier by filling half your plate with fruits and veggies! Here’s how that helps …

    • Fruits & veggies are full of fiber—to keep you satisfied longer
    • They replace other high-calorie and high-saturated fat foods
    • They’re low in calories and saturated fat


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