Have a Plant: Fruits & Veggies for Better Health

About The Buzz: Certain Fruits & Veggies Can Give You That Healthy Glow?

TheBUZZ : Certain fruits & veggies can give you that healthy glow?

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is the best way to achieve a healthy and natural glow for an attractive complexion.


Have you shunned the tanning beds because of their link to skin cancer but still want a natural glow? There may be some good news for use-to-be avid tanners! Currently we know that the skin responds best to adequate hydration, a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables (they contain antioxidants that help remove free radicals), and exercise.

New research suggests that fruits and vegetables may also give a healthier and more attractive golden glow to the skin than the sun. This research suggests that healthy eating habits, which include adequate fruit and vegetable intake, have been correlated with a dewy skin complexion. Scientists suggest that specifically carotenoids (a form of antioxidant) in fruits and vegetables are the precipitating aid for glowing skin. And beta-carotene, a carotenoid present in many red/orange colored fruits and vegetables (e.g. carrots and tomatoes), has been specifically tied to producing the yellow tinge.


These new findings reported in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior found that eating adequate fruits and vegetables (all colors) over time produced a yellow tinge skin color.* After questioning 40 subjects about their perception of the participants, the yellow tinge skin was found to be more attractive and seen as healthier to subjects of the opposite sex when compared to the change in skin color produced by the sun. While many of the subjects in the study were Caucasian, similar preferences were found for skin yellowness in the African population.

This is the first mammal study that compares mate choice based off of perceived healthiness (due to skin color) and more conclusive studies will need to be done.


For now remember that everyday stressors, such as the sun, can produce damaging compounds in your body (known as free radicals). Free radicals can affect all parts of the body, including the skin. How do we minimize their damaging effects—antioxidants! Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants as well as water; both have been shown to promote healthy skin!

How else can fruits and veggies make you more attractive?

    • They promote weight loss/maintenance.
    • Fruits and vegetables give you energy by eliminating the crash associated with refined foods.
    • They provide the nutrients essential to keeping your body functioning efficiently—including preventing colds!

All of these attributes can lead to more confidence … and confidence is attractive! So be sure to eat your recommended amount of fruits and veggies each day, exercise, and keep up with sufficient hydration!


*Stephen, I. D., V. Coetzee, D. I. Perrett. “Carotenoid and Melanin Pigment Coloration Affect Perceived Human Health.” Evolution and Human Behavior (2010): doi: 10.1016/j.evolhumbehav.2010.09.003.

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