About The Buzz: America Is Sending a Healthy Message to Kids!

TheBUZZ: America is sending a healthy message to kids!

Disney’s move to join the Let’s Move! initiative will help promote a healthier America.


Earlier this year, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) unveiled new standards for school meals that will result in healthier meals for kids across the nation. The new meal requirements will raise standards for the first time in more than 15 years and improve the health and nutrition of nearly 32 million kids that participate in school meal programs every school day. The healthier meal requirements are a key component of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.

Last week, the First Lady joined the Walt Disney Company to announce Disney as the first major media company to introduce new standards for food advertising and programming targeting kids and families. Any food marketed on Disney’s television and radio channels will be required to meet Disney’s nutrition guidelines, which align with federal standards to promote fruits and vegetables and limit calories, sugar, sodium, and saturated fat.


According to Let’s Move!, American children see an estimated $1.6 billion a year worth of food and beverage marketing, and many of the ads are focused on foods that are high in calories and sugar, but low in nutrition. The First Lady has championed these issues as part of the Let’s Move! initiative, and since advertisements have such a large influence on kids, she has specifically called upon the business community to innovate changes in advertising to marketing healthy foods and habits.


The Let’s Move! initiative was inspired by the fact that the obesity rate in children has tripled over the past 30 years, and their expected lifespan is now less than their parents! Disney along with Produce for Better Health Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education, USDA, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services want to put a stop to this trend.

Getting kids to eat their fruits and vegetables can be a struggle! However, our website has many ways to assist parents/guardians in helping their kids learn to enjoy fruits and veggies! Check out our Top 10 Things You Can Do right now to combat obesity in your kids and the generations to come!

As for getting your child to eat more fruits and veggies in general, here are some great ideas …

  1. A child may need to taste a food several times before s/he learns to like it. Encourage kids to taste a new fruit or vegetable by telling them that maybe their taste buds have “grown” since they last tried it.
  2. Add fruits and vegetables to the dishes your kids already love.
  3. Take your kids with you on your next trip to the grocery store.
  4. Prepare vegetables in various ways. Remember spaghetti and pizza sauce all matter!
  5. Get your kids involved in the growing, preparation or cooking process.
  6. Check out our Kid’s Gardening section for easy do-it-yourself projects for the whole family!
  7. Be a role model! If your kids see you making healthy choices and accept this as the norm, they’ll be more inclined to try them too!
  8. Our kid-friendly recipes will stir up some fun while teaching your children science, math, culture, and healthy eating habits.
  9. Visit our Kids’ Website. After all, what better way to learn about nutrition than through fun activities and games!

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