Take Your Child to the Supermarket Day

We’ve developed these supermarket activities to help you introduce fruits and vegetables to your kids. Just print and plan a trip to the store!

Eat Your Colors Everyday! Eat Your Colors Everyday!
It’s important to eat a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables everyday. In this activity, your child will try to find five [5] different fruits and vegetables in each of five [5] color groups.
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I’m Stuck on Fruits & Veggies I’m Stuck on Fruits & Veggies
Have your child collect the PLU stickers from each piece of fruit or veggie s/he eats at home and place them on a space on our “I’m Stuck on Fruits & Veggies” card. When the card is full, give your child a special treat, then begin another card!
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All Forms Count! All Forms Count!
Fruits and vegetables come in many different forms. Fresh, frozen, canned, dried, and 100% juice … and they’re all good for you! Have your child find and check off the fruits and veggies as you go through the supermarket!
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