Top 10 Fall Produce Picks & What To Do With Them!

If you close your eyes and think of the words “Fall season,” what colors come to your mind? You may be thinking of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. Similarly, many of the fruits and veggies that are in season are these colors. There are many fresh produce items in season for the fall. I picked 10 to highlight below.  Keep in mind, if your favorites are not in season, head over to the canned and frozen section of the grocery store.

Pumpkins and roasted pumpkin seeds are such a great way to get the fall feels that we all crave at this time of year.  As you carve your favorite face into the pumpkin, don’t forget to keep the seeds and use them for roasting!  Fresh roasted pumpkin seeds can be added to a trail mix or top a salad!  Fresh pumpkins are lots of fun, but don’t forget about the convenience of canned pumpkin. One of my favorite pumpkin dishes this time of year are pumpkin muffins using canned pumpkin.

Even though avocados are considered fruits, they tend to make a great addition to any meal or dish. They also lend themselves to a great ingredient to replace the fat in a recipe whether it’s baking, blending, or making guacamole.  Check out the nutrition, selection, and storage of avocados.

Since apples are in season, load up on citrus with it for a squeeze of citrus juice after slicing it. One of my favorite snacks is sliced apples with peanut butter and chocolate chips – satisfy a sweet and savory craving! Apple Waldorf Salad can be something different to make and enjoy for the holidays as well.

Cranberry cocktails are fun way to use fresh cranberries. They can also make a seasonal flavor in a warm apple cider drink.

Brussel Sprouts
Many customers that I have spoken with tell me that they don’t like brussels sprouts because they have had them prepared boiled. This is the prime example of how cooking preparations can completely change the taste and texture of certain foods – try roasting, sautéing, or air frying brussels sprouts for a flavor rejuvenation!

Isn’t it interesting that when cold and flu season hits, oranges become in large abundance? Nothing like nature’s perfect timing on a high Vitamin C source.

Winter Squash
When winter squash come into season, they make a very affordable option for making soups and casseroles. Squash tends to offer more volume per pound in addition to filling the stomach and warming the soul.  Spaghetti squash has become a favorite winter squash for many people with its noodle like texture and appearance.

These are great for kitchen entertainment during afternoon snacking – next time you have raspberries, see how many you can fit on your fingertips! Kids will love this game, plus they make the perfect ‘finger food.’

Quite possibly one of the easiest snacks and healthy treats! Packing washed grapes and a few cheese cubes for a prep and go snack solution can make packing lunch bags simple.

Homemade margaritas anyone? Fresh squeezed lime juice can make a great addition to any beverage. Grab a few extra limes to squeeze into that guacamole recipe above.

Buy fresh okra in large volumes, then wash, cut, and freeze! Cut okra with tomatoes is great fall dish to enjoy over rice or as a side dish and a great way to use them from frozen! This Crispy Roasted Okra can add a nice crispy side dish for the family dinner.

Nothing like a zero-waste fruit – use the juice and pulp for a smoothie and drop the arils in hot oatmeal.

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