Turkey Burgers w/Spinach and Pineapple

These tasty turkey burgers can be served over salad or on a whole wheat bun.


Make turkey burgers by seasoning 1 pound ground turkey with salt, pepper, thyme, parsley (fresh or dried), 1 large diced onions, two eggs beaten gently, ½ tsp. of nutmeg and 1 package defrosted frozen spinach squeezed of liquid).

Mix all ingredients together to form patties. Place in an ungreased baking pan (glass). Cover with 1 can of chopped seasoned tomatoes (no salt added).Bake covered at 350 degrees for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Uncover and add a can of chunked pineapples, return to oven for another half hour.

Remove and serve with a salad of field greens in a light herbed oil vinegar dressing.


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