Halloween is a time to dress up, be spooky and eat candy. It can be tempting to give into the candy and sweet treats of the day. But, there are fun ways to serve up healthy fruits and vegetables for this holiday! Check out these treat and party ideas.

Fun & Healthy Options to Replace Candy

  • Mini bags of carrots, raisins or apples
  • Hot apple cider on cold trick or treat nights
  • Nonfood: Stickers, pencils, small toys/games and temporary tattoos

Meal, Snack & Party Ideas
Sticking to eating healthfully and getting lots of fruits and veggies can be more fun during the holidays! Be creative and make fun platters of fruits and veggies for meals, snacks and parties. Offering a beautiful work of art with many colors of fruits and vegetables will WOW your family and friends as well as offer them lots of nutrients!

The internet is full of fun holiday platter ideas, but here are few easy ones to get you started.

  Pumpkin Platter
Fill a round platter with baby carrots. Use small round or triangle bowls filled with dip or black olives as the eyes and nose. Use a smallbroccoli bunch as the stem on top. Arrange cut cucumbers and zucchini for the mouth.
  Apple Mouths
Cut a triangle out of half an apple. Use white chocolate chips or almond slivers as teeth. You can also spread with peanut butter.
  Carrot Fingers
Use long carrots and put a small dab of dip on one end. Place a sliced almond on dip as the fingernail. Stick the fingers out of a dip bowl.

Jennifer Egeland, MS, RND, LD
Dietitian/Natural Foods Buyer
Hen House Markets

Fruit & Vegetable Recipes
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