Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Watermelon. Fruits And Veggies More


10. Juice it! At 92% water, watermelon juice is a perfect way to hydrate this summer!

9. Slice it! For an easy, fun take on yummy watermelon slices, insert popsicle sticks into the rind and make watermelon lollipops.

8. Chunk it! At only 40 calories a cup, cut a watermelon into cubes and eat it on the go!

7. Smoothie it! Just add watermelon cubes, greek yogurt, strawberries, a banana and voila! You’ve made a watermelon smoothie!

6. Carve it! Be the star at your next picnic or pool party by carving a watermelon surf wave fruit basket or salsa bowl.

5. Detox! Get the restart you need by trying of the healthy watermelon trio drinks like the watermelon zapper.

4. Grill it! Transform watermelon from sweet to savory with mouth-watering grilled spicy watermelon.

3. Sip it! Make a pitcher of agua fresca or sip a pina colada by the pool.

2. Got rind? You can eat that too by making a chutney or slaw recipe.

1. Indulge! Watermelon is healthy and delicious every day. Full of vitamins A and C, lycopene, potassium, and amino acids you can fill up without filling out!

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