Homemade orange popsicles

Top 10 Fruit Snacks For Kids

10. Popsicles! Freeze 100% juice to make popsicles.

9. Fruit Sandwiches. Use slices of apples or pears and low-fat cheese.

8. Peanut Butter & …Whatever! Serve fresh fruit with a dab of peanut butter.

7. Fruit & Yogurt. Fresh fruit dipped in your kid’s favorite low-fat yogurt.

6. Smoothies. Kids won’t pass up tasty fruit smoothies.

5. Fruit Cups. Canned fruit or single-serve fruit cups.

4. Applesauce Dip. Fresh fruit dipped in applesauce.

3. Dried Fruits. Pack up dried fruits such as raisins, blueberries, apricots and apple slices for great on-the-go snacks.

2. Fun Fruit Salad. Serve fresh fruit that can be dipped in salad dressings such as poppy seed or balsamic vinegar.

1. Fruit Chunks. Frozen fruit chunks such as grapes, banana slices, blueberries or watermelon are perfect when you’re in a rush.

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