Offering better-for-you treats during Halloween

Halloween is a time of fun and excitement for kids who will be picking up sweet treats from door-to-door candy collecting. Luckily, having a spectacular Halloween doesn’t have to mean calorie overload for your kids.
Offer trick-or-treaters a different kind of sweet treat – nature’s own “candy” – fruits and veggies of course!
Here are some healthy picks that won’t compromise the spirit of the holiday.


For trick-or-treaters try…
  • Individual baby carrot packs
  • Individual pre-sliced apple packs (available with and without caramel for dipping)
  • Mini box of raisins
  • Shelf stable 4-ounce fruit bowls
Halloween Fun Tip:
Tie a black and orange ribbon around each package and attached a plastic spider ring.


Host a Halloween party in your home
This is a great opportunity to offer better-for-you Halloween treats parents and kids can enjoy together.

  • Veggie and cheese kabobs – garnish serving tray with plastic spiders, bugs, and bats!
  • Pick up mini Halloween candy bags and fill with home-made trail mix. Combine dried fruits such cranberries, apricots & raisins with granola and dark chocolate pieces.
  • Invite your guests to make their own chocolate covered apples and dip in pecan pieces, coconut, or cereal.
  • Bake quick breads such as zucchini and banana bread – add apples, pears or dried fruits for extra sweetness and nutrients.
  • Serve 100% juice.
Tip to manage treats…
Limit candy to one piece per day at an agreed-upon time and combine with a fruit or veggie.

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