Healthy Entertaining – Hold On To Summer!

5 Healthy Appetizers

  1. Broccoli Mandarin Orange Salad. Colorful and full of crunch, this salad will please even non-veggie guests. Recipe: Broccoli Mandarin Orange Salad
  2. Vegetable Party Tray and Dip. The perfect party or picnic pleaser is a tray of fresh, crunchy vegetables and an incredible dip. Recipe: Carrot Tuna Vegetable Dip
  3. Chips & Salsa. At your next barbeque, get your guests started with chips and fresh salsa verde. Recipe: Salsa Verde
  4. Mini Fruit Pizza. An English muffin topped with whipped cream cheese serves as the base for the fresh fruit topping. For kids and adults! Recipe: Strawberry Shortcake Fruit Pizza
  5. Fresh Fruit Cup. Too cool! After removing the sections of the orange, save the remaining orange to use as the bowl. Recipe: Fresh Start Fruit Cups

5 Healthy Beverages

  1. Guava Juice. Need an escape to the tropics? Sip on a cool glass of this lovely pink juice. Available at your grocer or try this recipe! Recipe: Guava juice
  2. 100% Fruit Juice. Nothing could be more refreshing than an ice cold glass of 100% juice. Try orange, apple, cranberry, grape, or mixed varieties to name a few. An 8 oz serving adds to your daily fruit recommendation.
  3. Lemon Water. Get a hit of vitamin C and potassium (while hydrating!) with ice water and a couple of lemon slices. Sounds refreshing!
  4. Red, White, & Blue Drink. Freeze berries (blue and red) into 100% purple grape juice or cranberry juice. Once frozen, serve in iced white tea or lemonade. What a fun and refreshing way to add fruit intake to your party menu.
  5. Sweet Lassi. No, we’re not referring to the famous fido. A lassi is a traditional yogurt-based Indian drink flavored with spices. We have a sweet recipe that replaces the spices with fruit. Recipe: Indian Mango Lassi

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