Eating Fruits & Vegetables On The Go

Eating on the go can feel chaotic, but it’s easy to include more fruits and vegetables away from home.

Try these easy to prepare ideas and tips to avoid last minute sugary, high-fat snacks and meals that can really slow you down.

Choose the right combos:
Many restaurants offer soup/salad/sandwich options to mix and match. Try the vegetable soup, or order extra veggies on your sandwich (try sliced peppers, cucumbers and avocados in addition to lettuce and tomato). Or pick a salad for a variety of fruit and veggie options. Remember to order the dressing on the side for calorie control.

Create your own vegetable plate: Many restaurants offer two or three vegetable selections, which can often change daily. Ask for a plate of these specials to make it easy to get MORE!

Get sizzln’:
Order sizzling options on the menu that include lots of vegetables like stir fry or fajita entrees.

Roll it up:
Make a fruit roll-up that travels anywhere. Start with tortillas and peanut butter, then add your favorite fruits— fresh or dried.

Meals on wheels:
Apples, bananas, and plums are nature’s fast foods—fresh or dried, they’re mess-free in the car.


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