Are you and your sweetie indulging in dark chocolate this Valentine’s Day? Turns out dark chocolate may benefit your heart in a few different ways. In addition to being an aphrodisiac, dark chocolate contains heart-smart flavonoids that may help lower blood pressure and play a role in cardiovascular health. So indulge without the guilt! Just keep portions small and slowly savor every morsel – because, as with all chocolate, dark chocolate is high in fat and calories.

My favorite dark chocolate ideas for a decadent Valentine’s Day …

  1. Dipped. Dark chocolate-dipped strawberries. A classic romantic dessert that is quick and simple to make at home. Or try dark chocolate-dipped dried apricots or walnuts. Only dip half of the apricot or walnut for the most attractive presentation.
  2. Sundae for Two. Indulge in two scoops of light vanilla bean ice cream topped with pomegranate arils and shaved dark chocolate. This indulgent sundae requires two spoons.
  3. Paired with Fruit & Cheese. Place a few squares of high quality dark chocolate on a small plate with pistachios, grapes, dried apricots and your favorite cheese. Champagne or red wine optional.

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