A Fruit & Veggie Filled Passover

Passover is an 8-day holiday celebrated by Jewish people around the world. During Passover, consuming and keeping anything with leavening is forbidden. This is why observant Jews must remove all bread products from their homes prior to the start of Passover. During the holiday, no products containing leavening may be consumed. You’ve most likely seen an increase in ads for matzo meal in your supermarket circulars right around Passover because of this, since matzo is an unleavened bread used during this holiday.

Aside from the traditional Seder meal, which is celebrated the first night of Passover, there are some traditional foods that households typically eat during this holiday since there is a restriction on eating any kind of bread product. Chicken soup with matzo balls and matzo kugel are a few common favorites. In addition, families enjoy a lot of spring vegetables as Passover falls during the spring months.

If you’re looking for menu inspiration for the upcoming Passover holiday, add these to your list!

Main Entrees:

Side Dishes:



For more fruit- & veggie-filled recipe inspiration, fruitsandveggies.org/recipes/.


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