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Shopping for Fruits & Vegetables

As you cruise the grocery aisles, remember all forms count. Pick up fruits and veggies throughout the store; it’s okay to grab canned and frozen.  Try dried as well!  And of course, 100%  juice.  It’s easier to use more fruits and vegetables when you have them on hand, so make the most of all those aisles.

Top chef:  Not you—your kids!  Have them select the fruits and vegetables to be featured in meals for the week.

Don’t spoil your week when it’s just beginning: Prevent early spoilage by using perishable produce at the beginning of the week and frozen or canned selections at the end.

Scavenger hunt:  To get the kids involved, let them pick different colors for the meal each week. Find those colors in a variety of fruits and vegetables for new creations.

Make it an adventure:  Focus on variety—choose a different fruit and vegetable each week from the produce section or freezer case.  Select canned and dried choices to mix it up!

The ABC’s of produce:  For those kids still learning to read, serve letters of the alphabet.  Serve apples, avocados and apricots on letter “A” day and bananas, broccoli, and butternut squash on “B” days!

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