Toss Some Spring Greens into Your Next Salad

One of my favorite meals, either main entree or side dish, is a salad and one of the many things I love about spring is the fact that this is the time certain varieties of greens are in season.  While you can find many of them year-round, the selection you’ll find during the next few months will not only be fresher and taste better, but will also be priced lower than any other time of the year.  A few of the spring greens you should looking for in your grocer’s produce section include:


Taking advantage of these greens in your salads can be as easy as substituting them for your existing iceberg or romaine lettuce.  Or you can mix a variety of one or more of these into your salad to create a blend of colors, textures and flavors.  If you want to get creative, I’ve pulled some recipes that specifically use these spring greens in salads, as well as other spring produce.  Spring Citrus Salad uses both butter lettuce and radicchio for its base.  Shallots and orange segments are used and the salad is topped with fresh fennel.




Finally, Spring Waldorf Salad is a new twist on the old classic.  This version uses Belgian endive and butter lettuce as the base.  It combines apples and grapes with zesty lemon dill dressing.


spring waldorf salad


Enjoy these fresh spring salads or experiment using seasonal greens in your own versions while they are plentiful at your supermarket.


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