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About the Buzz: Canned Peaches are Comparable to Fresh?

TheBUZZ Canned Peaches are Comparable to Fresh?


The nutritional value of canned peaches is on par with that of fresh peaches.


Research conducted by Oregon State University confirms that the nutritional value of canned peaches is on par with that of fresh peaches. In a multi-year study, researchers compared the nutrients in fresh freestone peaches and fresh cling peaches with those found in canned cling peaches. Their findings show that:

  • Fresh and canned peaches had comparable levels of vitamin E
  • Vitamin C levels were found to be almost 4x higher in canned than fresh
  • Folate levels were found to be 10x higher in canned than fresh
  • Antioxidants were found to be 1.5x higher in canned than fresh

These results mean that consumers can enjoy the benefits of eating peaches year round without worrying about the loss of any nutrients.*


When shopping, don’t forget that all forms of fruits and vegetables count! Look in the canned food aisle for fruit products like California cling peaches. Picked and packed at the peak of freshness, these canned fruit provide consumers with nutritious choices, convenience, and expanded availability throughout the year.

3 Convenient Ways to Add Canned Peaches to Everyday Meals & Snacks

  1. Smoothies. Smoothies are good for a quick breakfast on the go, so try this Tropics Peach Smoothie the next time you need a healthy, but quick breakfast.
  2. Tacos. Instead of the typical taco toppings, try our California Dreamin’ Chicken Tacos with peach slaw instead of grated cheese.
  3. Grill ‘em! When it’s hot outside, cook up an inexpensive, nutritious dessert. Grill canned peaches and top with a small dollop of whipped cream.

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More Info
Additional resources for using canned peaches can be found at California Cling Peach Board, including canned peach recipes and resources for consumers, health professionals, and school foodservice staff.


* “Nutrition content of fresh and canned peaches,” Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, September 11, 2012. Accessed January 9, 2014 View Abstract

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