BBQ Chicken Stuffed Smoked Pineapple With Quick Pickled Cabbage


Prep Time: 25 minsCook Time: 1 hr 55 minsServings: 4
Sweet pineapple combined with savory and smoky BBQ chicken created the perfect flavor combination in this unique recipe.


  1. Whisk ¼ cup vinegar, sugar, salt and 1 cup water in a large bowl; add garlic, bay leaves and peppercorns. Add onion, serrano peppers and cabbage; toss. Let cabbage mixture stand at room temperature 3 hours, tossing occasionally. Cover and refrigerate at least 1 hour or up to overnight before serving. Makes about 4 packed cups.
  2. Cover wood chips with water in a large bowl; soak as label directs.
  3. Prepare outdoor grill for indirect grilling over medium heat. Drain wood chips; place 2 cups chips in grill (in foil packet or pie tin for gas or directly on coals for charcoal). Stir chicken and ¼ cup barbeque sauce in a medium bowl; tightly enclose in 12 x 24-inch sheet of nonstick aluminum foil.
  4. Cut 1-inch crosswise slice from top of pineapple; reserve. Leaving at least 1-inch pineapple flesh, core pineapple using a pineapple corer or paring knife; remove pineapple skin. Replace top of pineapple; secure with skewers.
  5. Place pineapple on hot grill rack over unlit side of grill; cover and cook 1 hour or until very tender, adding remaining chips halfway through cooking. Transfer pineapple to hot grill rack over lit side of grill; brush with remaining ¼ cup barbecue sauce. Place chicken foil packet on hot grill rack over lit side of grill; cover and cook 15 minutes or until chicken mixture is heated through, turning pineapple occasionally.
  6. Transfer pineapple to cutting board; remove top and fill with chicken mixture. Slice stuffed pineapple crosswise into 8 slices; serve with Spicy Quick Pickled Cabbage.

Recipe Notes:

Fresh pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain that breaks down proteins and can tenderize meats. However, if left in contact with the pineapple too long, meats can take on an undesirable consistency, so it’s best to cook them separately.

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