America’s fruit and vegetable consumption is eroding over time. We must act NOW to reverse this trend.
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National Fruits & Veggies Month Toolkit 2021

Culinary & Foodservice Promotion Ideas



We are thankful for the ongoing commitment of culinary and foodservice professionals who promote fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Bringing fruits and vegetables to the forefront of menus and developing flavorful ways people can eat and enjoy them is critical to changing consumption behaviors for good. We invite you to join us in celebrating National Fruits & Veggies Month and the International Year of Fruits & Veggies with PBH’s Have A Plant® Movement by making it come to life across North America this September. These ideas are specifically for culinary and foodservice professionals.

Culinary Activations

  • On your own social media channels, or from your company’s, share recipes, tips, stories, and more that help consumers appreciate and celebrate plant-forward bowls from around the world.
  • Celebrate the culinary heritage of fruits and vegetables by showing their starring role in cuisines around the world (e.g., Celebrating the Culinary Heritage of Tomatoes from Italy to India or Celebrating the Culinary History of Lemons from the Mediterranean to Mexico) on your personal or business social channels.
  • Simply share on social media your favorite recipe from world cuisine. This doesn’t have to be one you created; shed light on your favorite foodie website, TV show, or cookbook author. Just don’t forget to tag @fruitsandveggies and use the hashtags #haveaplant #NFVM2021!

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Foodservice Activations

  • Feature plant-forward bowls from around the world on your menus, using rich, descriptive menu language that highlights the culinary techniques used to inspire and create the desire to eat fruits and vegetables.
  • Showcase the culinary heritage of specific fruits or vegetables on your menu throughout the month (e.g., Celebrating the Culinary Heritage of Tomatoes from Italy to India, etc.).
  • Celebrate the role of fruits and vegetables in recipes for sauces, spreads, and other savory condiments from global cuisines.