National Fruits & Veggies Month Toolkit: Every Time You Eat, Have A Plant®

Welcome! September is National Fruits & Veggies Month (NFVM), a month-long celebration of everyone’s favorite and flavorful plants – fruits and veggies! The 2023 theme, Every Time You Eat, Have A Plant®, explores all the ways we celebrate fruits and veggies throughout the consumers’ consumption journey, the journey they make from the fields to our tables and the joy they bring us along the way. While shopping, dining out, enjoying a meal with your family, snacking, hosting or brunching, every time you eat, Have A Plant®.

Whether you are looking for ideas to implement at retail, if you’re a chef looking for ways to incorporate more produce on menus, or if you’re a plant-passionate advocate or marketer looking for fun ways to spread the Have A Plant® love, we’ve got you covered! Consumers need to be eating plants at every turn throughout their food journey. Let’s meet them where they are and make it easy for everyone to Have A Plant®, every day, for better health and happiness. YOU are an integral part of National Fruits & Veggies Month, so start planning today! #haveaplant #NFVM2023