Get ready for National Fruits & Veggies Month in September!
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National Fruits & Veggies Month Toolkit 2021: Celebrating The International Year Of Fruits & Veggies

Welcome! September is National Fruits & Veggies Month (NFVM), a month-long celebration of everyone’s favorite and flavorful plants – fruits and veggies!

The United Nations General Assembly has designated 2021 The International Year of Fruits and Vegetables (IYFV), a year-long celebration aimed at raising awareness of the benefits of consuming more fruits and vegetables as part of diversified, balanced, and healthy eating habits as well as to direct attention to reducing loss and waste of these highly perishable produce items. As a partner on this global effort, the Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) is taking our Have A Plant® Movement global for National Fruits & Veggies Month this September, celebrating our passion for fruits and vegetables and the commitment of the global supply chain to bring all the glorious forms to consumers across the U.S. to improve health and happiness in sustainable, waste-reducing ways. #NFVM2021 #haveaplant

Sharing fun and easy ways to enjoy more plants is the ultimate way to pay it forward. That’s what National Fruits & Veggies Month is all about! We provide the consumer campaign with corresponding resources (click on the colored blocks above), including promotion ideas, supporting images, research and additional turn-key resources designed for various audiences. You take it from there.

YOU are an integral part of National Fruits & Veggies Month! There is power in numbers, which is why we love having you on our side. Use this toolkit to create compelling content to share and inspire change during National Fruits & Veggies Month and beyond. After all, fruits and veggies are always in season, so let’s build #haveaplant hype all year long!