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We encourage everyone to take action to support National Fruits & Veggies Month! Consider these ideas to help health and wellness professionals as well as produce industry marketers elevate consumption to a national priority this September. Here are some simple action items to get started:

Share The NFVM Love On Social
Post weekly on your social channels, showing extra love for NFVM. Find sample social media posts as well as downloadable graphics on the Point Of Inspiration page in this toolkit. Or, click to download the National Fruits & Veggies Month logo below and create your own! Use the hashtags #haveaplant and #NFVM2023

Use Your Ad Space
Include an ad or promo graphic in your consumer-facing newsletter using one of the images from our Point Of Inspiration section. Link it to

Demonstrate Your Commitment
Post about NFVM on your personal or company LinkedIn pages to increase awareness and show your personal commitment to improving fruit and vegetable consumption in America.

Leverage Traditional Media
Highlight NFVM as a theme for your consumer-facing media opportunities this month.

Spread The Love For Farmers & Growers
Share stories from farmers and growers that demonstrate the journey and care that goes into growing them (e.g. A day in the life of an onion) and how produce gets from the field to the table.

Share The Facts
Educate consumers with fun facts and quick stats on how to best select, store, savor, and share your favorite produce. Get tips from our Fruits & Veggies Section on

Find Your Inspiration
Stay inspired and share creative tips, tricks and all-around impressive food hacks by following along on Have A Plant® social media channels: FacebookTwitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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