Can you provide healthy eating tips for my young picky eater? 


You came to the right place for your picky eater questions. I have many tips and tricks to help you incorporate healthy foods, particularly fruits and veggies, into your granddaughter’s current meal plan. Please review the list below and consider any or all of the following:

  1. Smoothies or juicing
  2. Canned fruits and veggies
  3. Additions to meals, grocery tip, preparation, growing and cooking involvement
  4. Role modeling and Dips
  5. Sauces
  6. Strategy and Tools Resource for parents/guardians

Finally, please introduce your granddaughter to our Healthy Kids section where she will have the opportunity to learn about fruits and vegetable in a fun and interactive way.  These activities may  peak her interest to try them.  Best of Luck!

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