Fruit is delicious in all forms, and dried fruits are one of the simplest ways to get a nutritious boost. Their long shelf life makes it convenient to have on hand to seamlessly add to recipes and snacks. In addition to its sweet and satisfying flavor, dried fruit also supplies a good source of both potassium and fiber, two nutrients that the most recent Dietary Guidelines of Americans lists as “nutrients of concern” due to their typical under-consumption. That’s a win-win!

For the most nutrition benefit, choose dried fruits with no added sugar. Since dried fruit is the dehydrated and more concentrated form of the whole fruit, the typical serving is ¼- ½ cup.

From raisins, cranberries, prunes and apricots, to dried figs, dates and more, the options are endless. Check out these ideas and enjoy!

Mix a handful of dried fruit into your favorite trail mix combination for a portable snack option with a hint of sweetness. Or try blending in your choice of dried fruits into a batch of energy bites or homemade snack bars. These are great on-the-go options to have ready when hunger strikes.

Sweet treats
Satisfy your sweet tooth by making your own chocolate or yogurt bark. Simply combine melted dark chocolate chips or yogurt, nuts, seeds and dried fruit and spread out on a sheet pan. Freeze and break apart once chilled.

Savory sides
Complement savory side dishes like roasted veggies and whole grains with dried fruit for the perfect mix of sweet and savory flavors.

Slaw and salads
Incorporate dried fruits into slaw and salad recipes to add a chewy texture and sweetness that can’t be beat.

Add a pop of color to your summertime menu with this Crunchy Rainbow Broccoli Slaw.

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