Hack Your Way Into A Happier, Healthier Lifestyle

Americans simply aren’t eating enough plants. While consumers may know they should be eating enough plants, that doesn’t always translate to action. We all could use more plants on our plates, so let’s explore some simple tips and tricks for a more plant-forward lifestyle.

Meal Prep

What’s one way you can guarantee you eat more plants? Meal prep! Meal prepping is an awesome way to ensure that healthy, plant-forward food options are as, if not more, convenient than unhealthy snacks by eliminating one of the most common bottleneck behaviors – food preparation. That way there are no excuses: a plant-forward meal is already waiting for you.

It’s All About Balance

As a reminder, you don’t have to cut out food groups to be a more plant-forward eater. Balance plant proteins along with animal proteins and high-quality ingredients. Kidney or garbanzo beans, lentils, walnuts, seeds and high-quality soy protein like edamame or tofu are all great options. And speaking of walnuts, they are another great plant to add to your dishes – whether it’s in oatmeal, on a salad at lunch, as a crust to chicken or fish or even as a meat alternative.

Put Plants First

Another handy tip is to start your meals with plants. By serving something like a soup or salad at the start of the meal, we’re ensuring that fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds, legumes, whole grains, etc. are in front of people when hunger is the greatest. This is also a great example of “making it easy” to consume healthy food options. This technique has been shown to increase vegetable consumption in cafeteria settings by 669%. That’s quite the increase!

It doesn’t have to be intimidating or confusing to be more plant-forward. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to more plant-forward plates.

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