Nowadays, the easier and faster we can do something, the better! Try these 5 fruit and veggie hacks to to up your efficiency game:

  1. Pomegranate can sure be messy! Avoid this by cutting the pomegranate into quarters and place in a bowl half full with water.  Keeping the fruit in the water, peel the seeds out of the fruit. Strain and enjoy!
  2. Do you need a less bitter eggplant? Look at the bottom for a more oval shape, these are the males and are less bitter than the females which have a more round bottom!
  3. When cooking with bell peppers, choose those with 4 sections on the bottom and save peppers with 3 sections for eating fresh as they are sweeter.
  4. Always find the perfectly ripe avocado by pulling the stem out and checking the color. If it’s green, it is ready to eat.  Any lighter, it’s not ripe enough and the more brown, it’s overripe.
  5. Speaking of avocados, to keep the other half fresh, first leave the seed in, squeeze some lemon juice over the flesh and tightly wrap it in plastic wrap to prevent air from getting in. This will keep it from browning too fast!
  6. To keep your potatoes from sprouting, throw an apple or two in with them! The gasses the apples emit will prevent potato sprouts.

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