Contest Winners: Your Healthy Life & You

How Do You Get Your Kids to Eat Fruits and Vegetables?
We Found Out!

Your Healthy Life and You" Contest Winners. We wanted to hear your success story about your or your family's healthy life! And we found out!
Prizes worth $1500 were awarded to five (5) winners who shared their success stories by writing (in 1000 words or less) how they’ve maintained a healthy lifestyle, lost weight, overcome nutritional trials and tribulations, or gotten their kids to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables. Read our winners’ success stories and get motivated!


Grand Prize Winner
Jennifer Miller
Smithsburg, MD
Winning Entry: How I Help My Child to Eat Healthier

Jennifer’s Grand Prize winning entry features the transcript of a conversation between her four-year-old son and herself that got him interested in eating carrots. She also offers advice on how any parent can have a similar conversation with her/his child about any fruit or vegetable.

And it begins … A conversation over lunch between myself and my very handsome and healthy son. This is an example of how I get my child excited and interested in eating healthy. Read More

First Place Prize
Mary Johnson
San Juan Capistrano, CA
Winning Entry: Champion for Change

See how Mary got teens at the school where she works to eat more fruits and vegetables, and how she extends nutrition education from the classroom … to the cafeteria.

And it begins … My name is Mary Johnson and I grew up really liking sweets. As a child I was allowed to eat dessert before I ate dinner and if I wasn’t full after I had my dessert, I would eat the main course. At college I continued the road to eating unhealthy. I would start my day eating a bowl of sugar coated cereal, french toast piled high with brown sugar, a slab of butter, all topped off with what else, tons of syrup. At break instead of eating something nutritious I would find myself munching down a bag of mixed candy. Until one day I was rushed to the hospital because of high levels of sugar in my blood stream. From that that day forward I vowed to myself that I would eat better and tell others of my story. Read More

First Place Prize
Nicholle Harrison
Rome, GA
Winning Entry: Miss Vegetable Pageant

Nicholle shares her idea of holding a weekly Miss Vegetable pageant with her daughters as the judges to encourage them to try new foods.

And it begins … I have struggled with my 8 and 4 year old girls on getting them to eat their vegetables. One day we were grocery shopping in the produce aisle and my 4 year old asked me “mom, what is this?” I saw the opportunity. Read More

First Place Prize
Darcie Liptrot
Syracuse, UT
Winning Entry: More Veggies Instead of Junk Foods

Darcie lost 75 pounds and regained her health by changing her diet to include more fruits and vegetables in place of empty-calorie junk foods.

And it begins … About 10 months ago, my health had hit rock bottom. I was 215 pounds, at only 5’3” tall. I ate horribly-large meals a couple of times per day, and regular soda was my crutch. I was completely inactive. I would come home and make it to the couch and hang out there while the kids would do their homework or go play outside. I literally was watching the world go by me on that couch. Read More

First Place Prize
Lana Cook
Audubon, NJ
Winning Entry: A Healthy-Living Essay

Lana’s entry discusses how she models a healthy lifestyle for her two sons that includes eating lots of delicious fruits and vegetables.

And it begins … As a mother of two small boys, ages three and a half and ten months, I put a lot of thought and energy into modeling a healthy lifestyle, from preparing healthy meals and snacks, to making sure they get outside for active play as much as possible. A key factor to our healthy lifestyle is the food choices that are made in my home everyday, both by my children and me. With regard to feeding my boys—husband included—there are a few simple rules that I live by: plan meals, prepare food, partner up, and prettify the plates! Read More

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