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Darcie Liptrot Syracuse, UT

About 10 months ago, my health had hit rock bottom. I was 215 pounds, at only 5’3” tall. I ate horribly-large meals a couple of times per day, and regular soda was my crutch. I was completely inactive. I would come home and make it to the couch and hang out there while the kids would do their homework or go play outside. I literally was watching the world go by me on that couch.

One day, literally out of the blue, I said to my husband, “I’m done with this.” He just looked at me like I was crazy. You see, I had complained about my weight many times before. He said, “I love you no matter what. You are amazing.” Most wives would have been comforted by this remark, but he said it while lacing up his cleats for yet another soccer game. (My hubby is in extremely wonderful shape). I said, “it’s not my weight this time. It’s my health. I want to be healthier-not skinnier.” He suggested that I call my brother-in-law, the family body builder, health nut-type for some advice. So I humbled myself and called up the little brother. He suggested that we found out what the heck had gone wrong with my body by looking at the way I eat food, what I eat, how I eat it and why I am eating it. I thought this was so odd coming from the king of working out. I was like, “aren’t we going to work out?” and he said “not yet, we need to find out what is going on with your eating first. “

Danny had me tell him what I had been eating. I and was like, “EVERYTHING!” He suggested I journal for a few days. So I did. I couldn’t believe it. I was only really eating 2 or 3 times per day, but it was all deep-fried, soda and candy in larger quantities. No breakfast, veggies? Yeah right! Mostly deep-fried junk…it was so embarrassing! I thought for sure my weight gain was a magical combo of kids and baby weight and time. Not deep-fried junk and soda, LOL.

From there I went on the offensive! I researched foods of all types to find out what would be best for my situation and found that I need a great combination of Veggies, Fruits, Carbs and Protein. I started eating things I hadn’t tasted in YEARS and I was eating 6-7 times a day! At one point I remember thinking, if I eat one more piece of broccoli I am going to scream. But I kept eating it. I trusted the veggies and it paid off. I changed the way I fuel my body. Now, when I am tired, I don’t grab a Redbull drink, I eat a cup of blueberries. When I am feeling a little anxious, I don’t run for the candybars, I grab broccoli. Food is still my best buddy, but now it contributes to the relationship instead of being a deadbeat friend, LOL.

The side effects of this lifestyle change were the most amazing part. Fruits and veggies along with good carbs and protein changed my health! I have lowered my cholesterol, blood pressure, and pre-diabetic symptoms. My skin is glowing, my joints have stopped hurting, and I can even get off that couch and run around with the kids. I am running my first marathon May 15th and another in June. My kids are loving it, my husband can’t believe it and I am happier than I ever have been!

I have lost 75 pounds in 10 months without the notion of a magic pill, drink, shot or surgery. Check out the attached before and after pictures! It is so crazy!

Thanks for letting me share my story!

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