Insider's Viewpoint: Shannon Gromley, Farm Fresh Food and Pharmacy

Any way you slice it, citrus fruit is delicious and nutritious. Known best for containing the antioxidant vitamin C, citrus fruits also boast numerous health benefits. A low-fat diet rich in vitamin C has been linked to a reduction in the risk for cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.

In your local produce department, take in the sweet and fresh aroma of citrus. Although many citrus fruits are available year-round, peak harvesting occurs autumn through spring. You can choose from any variety of your favorite citrus fruits. Select a sweet tasting navel orange or grapefruit. If you like a more tart citrus taste, choose a Valencia orange or mandarin orange (also known as a tangerine). Tangelos are a hybrid of the tangerine and grapefruit. They are juicy, with a sweet, rich flavor similar to tangerines.

Tips for Selecting Citrus

  • Choose citrus fruit that is firm and feels heavy for its size.
  • Vibrant color is important, but it isn’t the only deciding factor. The peel should be smooth and without bruising or soft spots.

Simple Serving Idea: Add a little zest to your recipe! Zest is the brightly colored outer layer of the fruit peel. Try lemon or orange zest in your favorite cookie, cake or muffin recipe.

100% Fruit Juice

Simple Serving Idea: Freeze 100% orange or grapefruit juice in ice cube trays with a toothpick or short straw for a quick frozen fruit treat.

  • Select canned fruit that is packaged in natural juices, water or light syrup.

Simple Serving Idea: Canned mandarin oranges will lend bright color and nutrition to any salad.

Shannan Gormley, MS Ed, RD
Corporate Dietitian
Farm Fresh Food & Pharmacy



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