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Now that December has arrived, so has the holiday party season! Here’s some inspiration (with recipe links!) for all the delicious plant-packed dishes your guests will love.


Side Dishes

  • Mashed potatoes are must, so why not kick up the nutrient variety with this potato-cauliflower mash?
  • Highlight delicious winter fruits and vegetables with this mandarin kale salad.
  • Add some fruit and vibrance to another traditional dish: stuffing. This recipe uses apples and cranberries.



  • Make a healthier alternative to apple pie with whole grain oats instead of refined flour, such as this apple crisp, or baked apples with a crisp-filled center.
  • Use canned pumpkin or squash to make a nutritious quick bread, pie, cookies, bars, etc.
  • Offer natural sweetness with date & nut truffles that can have additional chocolate, dried fruit, or flavor extracts to create variety. Or, try using frozen fruit, like in these blueberry energy balls.

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